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Stephanie & Taylor

- A l l A b o u t M e -

For starterz.. My name iz Stephanie Wanger Banger ` Im 15 yearz old & I waz born in LaGrange, Illinois. I have blue eyez, brown'ish|redd'ish hair, and Im about 120 lbz. I also have my earz pierced 6 timez & my belly button.. ♥
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F u t u r E J o b ;
Nurse, Paramedic, or Cop.
F u t u r e D r e a m
The National Guard.
S p o r t z ;
Basketball ` Volleyball ` Football ` Running ` & ` SnowboardinG!
* * * * * *
* F a m i l y ..
I love 'em.. Im the youngest in my whole family, which kinda sux at timez, but I just got uzed to it. I dont have that big of a family, but it workx for me. Niki & Karen are my favoritez! :)
* A n i M a l z ..
I have a maLe Rottweiler [BlackJack] & a maLe Rottweiler / German Shepherd / Collie Mix [Leo] & a maLe Weaner dog [KuJo] & a maLe Lab / Rottweiler Mix [Koda] & A femaLe Lab / Rottweiler mix [Pepper] -- && 1 kitty, who'z name iz S-u-k-k-i! [I Heart You]
* M u z i k ..
I basically listen to anything.. I love muzik period. Rock, Country, Rap, & PunK are my favoritez ; Breaking BenjamiN iz my favorite though. Love that damn band. Country comez next & then raP ;)
* T h e w a y I a m ..
I love being loud & havinG a good tiMe.. I also love being seriouz & having deep conversatioNz. I HATE when people tell me I can't do something.
 - L i k i n G z -

SnowboardinG, Singing, Decorating, Being around people, talking, being loud, Muffinz, Truckx (Big onez!), Camaro'z, Friendz, Drinking, Partying, Silver, Rottweilerz, Jelaebeanz, Picturez, Muzik, Breaking Benjamin, Cruizing, Orange Juice, VodKa, Drinking with Marty & the whole group, Being a "P.I.M.P.E.T.T.E" with Bobbi-Jo, Scary Moviez, The Fast and The Furiouz, Joe Dirt, Ladder 49, Meet the Fockers, Napoleon Dynamite, ChapStick, Candlez, Chocolate, Shopping with Drew, Chicago with Kayla, Rhinelander with Sam, Walking around town with Danielle, Pep talkx with Ben, Getting made fun of by Mike & Kyle & Chuck, 8th Hour English, Lake Superior, Tatooz & SOME piercingz, Kissez, Huggz, Sunsetz, Beachez, Guyz, The Chicago Bearz, Illinois, The Bahama'z, Looking @ the starz, Camp-Firez, Swimming at the Dayz-Inn, Partying @ Black River Harbor @ night, RoadTripz, Driving, Stealing pumpkinz, GoGurtz, "The Notebook", Sleeping outside, "Being Rebellouz", Hoodiez, Jnco'z, My puppiez, Shopping, The Army/National Guard, Nik'x House, GodSmack, Static-X, Poemz, Writing, Fall & Spring, The colorz Yellow & Pink mixed together, Four-Wheeling, Snowmobiling, Playing Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Finding Nemo, Adidas Cologne, Coffee Grinderz, && Going fast in carz!
D i s-L i k i n G z -
Memoriez, Backstabberz, Bitch'z, Stuck-up gurlz, cherriez, Guyz who are only after a piece of ass, Cell phonez, Narkx, "Southern Comfort", Big boobz, Badmitten, Computerz, Posterz not fully taped on the wall, The color Green, Dis-Honesty, & Fliez.
- F r i e n d Z -

& ` Taylor Anderson, Kayla Blodgett, Mike Lotzer, Danielle Wiemeri, Alex Sackmann, Logan Dahlbacka, Joe Dahlbacka, Deon Corullo, Sarah Zani, Ben Zaleski, Marty Passuello, Shawn Teige, Nik Vukovich, Jeromy Mewbourn, Kristen Kitto, Annissa Oja, Sara Wennersten, Callie Siirila, Sarah Usitalo, Kristine Senicka, Rhana Campbell, Leesa Paulson, Travis Lotzer, Dave Kindred, Jordan Reller, Mark Rosa, Steff Orlich, Ashley Strand, Brandon Finco, Lesah Priante, Heather -Heller- Thiede, Samee Vukelich, Sam Pertile, Kyle Vukovich, Tara Tragembo, Drew Bastman, Lindsey Strobanaw, Tiffany Schreiber, Amanda Grant, Becki Cyr, Alyson Comparin, Dan St. Vincent, Mike Hedman, TJ Higgins, Robby Erspalmer, Matt Gottifried, Nikki Davis, Matt Teddy, Abby Davis, Mike Jacobson, Adrianne Graser, Brad Bolo, Kyle -Kaka- Kangas, Chuck Drier, Tyler Paynter, Kody Nyman, Kelly Proctor, Adrianna Diaz, Bryant Gottschalk, Nikkii Ramee, Amanda Merritt, Cassie Weber, Caleb Richie, Dustin Anderson, Kasye O'Brien, Jordan Munn, Roy Neace, Megan Wolfe, Jimmy Kucera, Josh Romanowski, Willae Klamala, Jerry Hitter, Jim Towers, Britt Easley, Julie Zaleski, Adam Kennedy, Tiffany Mullen, Shay Bartley, Doug Proctor, Scott Eilken, Tiffany Coleman, Adam Arthur, Ryan Grenberg, Trevor Stephani, Bobbi-Jo Paternoster, Danny Collinz, Kara Roberts, Brittany K., CoCo Alexandroni, Sara Hedman, Casey Paynter, Stephanie Basso, Willy Dabb, Crysta Baron, Donald Kirby, Tyler Muzzy, Taylor Jorgenson, Mike Wasley, & All you Superior boyz & gurlz! (L)

- ♥ - > * < - ♥ -

I'm changing...yet, who isn't?
I'm not the same as I was when I was twelve, or even fourteen.
I'm fifteen && pretty different than most people.
Everyone is unique, in their own beautiful way.
Why iz everything such a big deal for everyone?

I like being me.
There isn't anything I would change about myself.
I'm happy with who I am.
&& the decisions that I make.
&& If me, being myself, is a problem for some of you people..
I don't know how to help you.
I'm not changing for anyone else, but me.