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* Military Ball 2005 - AWESOME NIGHT! *
Date / Dave Kindred
TiMe / 7:00 PM
Went with / Taylor Anderson, Adam Kennedy, & Dave Kindred.
* I woke up, ALL excited OF COURZE! :) I got my hair done at 3:30 that day. It turned out awesome. Dave, Tay, and Adam showed up at my house early. My mom, being the picture freak she iz, took a buncha picturez before it waz finally time for us to leave. Dave went to get my coursage out of the car and realized that he locked the keys in there. Lmao, It waz pretty funny. So my mom took him to town to get the extra set, and then we were off to Dave'z house! It waz pretty funny - On our way there, me and Taylor were STILL sitting like Men! She waz like "See Wing, even in DRESSES we cant sit like chickx!" Lol! After Dave's, we went to Adam'z and omFg waz that an experience. Adam'z dad waz ripping on me so freaking bad because my dress kept coming down. I waz in tearz I waz laughing SO hard. Everyone waz laughing, It waz just hilariouz. After that, my nailz kept coming off. I waz getting pissed, It happened like the whole night. So then we went to Break-Water to eat. That waz a fun time! And then we were off to the ball!! :D A billion picturez were taken, so make sure you look at them! Other then that, I had an awesome time. When we got ready to leave, Me, Kayla, & Cody went outside to meet Mike, and ended sitting and talking to Roy & Kody for awhile, where I got some "goodz" for the night! ;) *Heck yes!* We went back to Kayla'z, drank with her parentz, and then Kokely slept in between me and Kayla for the night! Fun fun night!! :D
Look at all the Mill Ball picz by clicking on the picture above! EnJoy! :)