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" The Story of Us "

I uzed to write poemz sitting all alone,

Thinkin of you and what I should do.

I'm still wondering why my heart was so sore and bruized,

And why now it's not the same.

I guess it's because you tricked me and I lost the game,

Thinkin you loved me when it never could be.

Remember back then you wanted her, not me

And now its time for you to see,

How it feels when "I love you's" arent real.

The thought of you and the one you love bein through,

It hurt so much I didnt know what to do,

But now its all on you.

Now look who wants to come back after I found someone new.

Why dont you tell me now how it feels when your dreams dont come true?

You and me never again, we are through.

You didnt love me when I loved you,

But in a way it's coming back and there is nothing I can do.

It seems no matter what I do I will always love you.

My first and true love the only one no other boy can come above.

I will always love you and you need you even if I cant be with you.

` Kelly Proctor `

& & & & & & & &

" Rain.. "

It’s starting to pour outside and the rain is falling hard
She’s walking through the storm and doesn’t even get damp
She can cross a busy street no one needs to hold her hand
She’s scared but doesn’t show fear
She’s miserable, but won’t shed a tear
Hostile and ready to fight, you won’t witness a collision
This girl has undecided decisions
And unfinished passion
For unrespected actions
She’s hiding a knife that won’t be used
She’s covering scars; this lonely girl has never been abused
Love isn’t something that appeals to her cold heart
A false smile is the effortless part
A painless life is beyond her grasp
But when she hears her name she doesn’t respond
She has hidden pain for so long
That when she walks through the pouring rain she isn’t concerned
And when touched by fire she is far from being burned
If this oblivious girl was cut, s he wouldn’t’ bleed
And when she’s crying, a shoulder isn’t what she needs
She just was solitude and loneliness
Heartache, unhappiness
She’s only happy when she’s sad
She only cries when she’s mad
She only laughs if she’s hurt
She’s only clean in the dirt
She’s only content when there’s pain
And only smiles when it rains..

& & & & & & & &

" Love "

We can't blame otherz when love dwindlez away -
For we knew from the start it never promized to stay.
It'z just one of thoze thingz where the stakex are high -
And sometimez it'z forever, and sometimez it'z good-bye.
When you love the right way, you will never lose -
No matter what path life may force you to choose.
You may end up with tearz or a broken heart -
But you knew what you signed up for from the start.
You can only give what you've got to give -
And if that'z not enough, then you must continue to live.
Life will go on and broken hearts will heal -
You must continue on your quest, for that'z the deal.
Throw your heart into life and never stall -
For the greatest risk iz to risk nothing at all.
You see, love is the only thing that we know -
That can be divided and divided but continue to grow.
And life iznt long enough to lock away our heart -
Just because life may have forced two people apart.
We will continue to love and continue to lose -
We will continue to pick and continue to choose.
And then one day we will just risk it all -
Take the chainz off our heartz and dismantle the wall.
The last time we love will be the forever -
And never again will our heartz be forced to sever.
We'll never have doubtz that it'll go away -
Because thiz time, it'll be here to stay.
But until then we must endure all the pain -
For we only see sunshine if we can wait through the rain.

& & & & & & & &