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( Sleeping at Tay'z house with Jer! ;) (L) )

[ Christmas 2005 ]
- Spent in Chicago with Mike, My mom, & M.L.

* My 16th birthday.. I must say waz the best one I've ever had! I spent it in a bar, getting drunk with my sister & all her friendz! *
 - Mark, I love you! :) Lol .. oh, & Jamie, Kristin, Tommy, Ryan, Rick, & Eric! (L) :)

* Going to Snuffy'z with Jamie & Niki & Mike at 1 in the morning, Wasted! :) *

- Driving with Niki -

( Photography )

- Hockey gamez with everyone! -

[ 7th hour studdy hall.. WuuHoo! ]

- Sex talkx with Tay & Jer at Tay'z house -

' Working with Matt! ' - Great timez!!! //

" Photograph " by Nickelback
[ Best fucking song ever! ]

[ Me - Your sucha dork.
Alex - Your sucha loser.
Me - Then why are you with me?!
Alex - Because I feel like it! ]

" Holla.. Holla " - LogaN
[ Everytime he made a "JoKe" he would say that when it got all silent ]

/ 2 hour long conversationz with Logan! \ (L)

* Going to all the dance alittle tipsy  ;) *

* Rapelling!! (L) *

` Going out to eat with Mike, Dustin, Sarah, & Kyle * '

[ Bon-firez at my house with everyone ]

*Me, Sarah, & Mike were sitting there talking, and I waz like "Come on.. Letz get thiz fire roarin'.. and pourin'.. AND SMORIN!" Lol.. Me & Sarah kept saying it the whole night.

/ My FAVORITE saying for that night WAZ ..
- It waz uzed an abundance amount of timez. -

-Duct taping Kayla'z leg to her head-
( Great timez right there! )

- So me & Jesi went out to take a piss.. She went first because she had to go real bad. So Im standing out there waiting for her, and she waz like "Are you listening to me piss?!" I waz like "No, just hurry up! I have to go toO!" She waz like "God, thiz would be SO MUCH EASIER IF I HAD A DICK!" and half of Mikex family iz standing 20 yardz away from us. Lmao.. So I waz like "What are you doing?! Pissing to China?! She started laughing and waz like "No, but that would mean that when we piss, it rainz in China.." We both just start laughing our ass'z off. We finally went back inside and told everyone in there, and we were still dying, we were laughing so hard. Lmao, Good time hun! -

* GoGo County Fair 2005! *

 ** Ac callz Kayla'z cell phone..
Ac - "Where are you guyz?"
Kay - "We're by the fair office" (az we're sitting in the back of Kokely'z truck with everyone elze in the pitz)
-me and kay start laughing ; alyson keepz on talking-
Kayla - "Yeah, we'll meet you there in a few minutez later on.."
Lmao.. We just start laughing like krazy.
( Classic! )

- Sitting in the pitz with everyone, Me and Kayla are sitting in Kokelyz Driver side seat together. Hiz Moto gear waz in there and it said "Torq" so I waz like "Torq.. The other white meat!" Me, Kayla, and him just start laughing. I waz like "Hey ya.. Torq! The other white meat!" Lmao!

The last night of the fair, we went to Willy'z, and then out to eat with Mike, and then over to Shawnz. It waz a good time, so once we got back to the fair, Marty wanted to go have a smoke, so we went up to Norrie Park, so all of us piled in the Audi and went up to Norrie Park! Of courze, I waz either getting ripped on or hit on. It waz a good time! :) Lol! *

- TRYING to clean my room with Shawn laying in my bed, drawing picutrez -

* Sleep overz at Kayla'z house with Cody! *

- Getting hit by Willy with Joey'z ruler! -

* Singing "I Just Cant Wait To Be King" at the top of our lungz with Kayla & Cody in Mikex car! *

* Sitting on Shawn'z neighbor'z lawn, throwing grass on Cody with Kayla, and saying "Omg.... wherez Cody?!" Lmao.. and then getting made FUN OF SOME MORE! * 

* Going out to eat with Dustin *

- Being Perverted with Joe so Scotty couldn't eat anything @ Country Kitchen! .. Lmao -

* 4 hour long laTe night talkx with Tiffany! *

[ Playing Badmitten with Mike, My mom, and Veda. ]

` Sitting on the trampoliNe with Ac, Kayla, & Marty, paying Truth for like 3 hourz! :P `

* Getting "Pothead" written across my forehead by Romo at Kimball Falls! *

-GettN drunk at Fay LaKe with everyoNe-

* Going to Crystal Falls *

"Man, the only piece of ass your ever gonna get iz when your finger slipz thru the toilet paper." - Mike at Fay Lake -

* Me and Kayla were sitting in Computerz and I wanted to change my Personal Signature and I waz like "Hey Kayla.. What should my signature be? Think of something retarded like 'Kokely got the hook-up!' " Lmao! *

* What the heck did you do that for? Well that's retarded! * :Lmao, Me & Kayla!:

- Me and Taylor were laying on the couch, and Mike came in and waz like "Guess what.. The CD player iz fixed!" I waz like OMG! so I shoved/tackled Taylor on the floor, and we all just started laughing our ass'z off. It took me like ten minutes to get out there to see that only the radio workx, not the CD Player! Lol -

* Military Ball 2005! *

* Drinking with Kayla'z 'rentz & Kokely! *

* Sleeping on Kayla'z living room floor with her & Kokely and not getting ANY sleep because of hiz "Kick-ass Gay-Voice!" Lmao.. Good nighT! *

* Laying on the ground.. with Danielle & Kathy & Danny.. in an apartment building parking Lot..

* Cruizin around grand 'ole Ironwood with Mike! ;)

* Snow ball fightz with Kokely, Deon, and Taylor in front of Adam'z house with Jordan *
Lmao.. Good timez!!

- Shopping in Duluth with Kayla.

- Cruizing with Nik -

"Kayla-Marie* says:
Whatever you do, be careful of everything that you do. And make sure to think twice before doing something dumb. Don't drink, don't do drugs, don't get yerself pregnant, don't cause felonies, don't join a gang, don't commit suicide, don't kill anyone else either.. That just about coverz it.. and I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Stiffie" ( Me ) & "Cock-Block" (Mike)
"Are you drunk enough to give me head Mrs. hott Chick?!" -Marty talking to me.
"I uzed ta have some respect for you but GOD!" - Mike to Kayla.
"Jesus iz the reason for the season" - Niki
"Hunny.. Sweetie.. What the problem iz?!" -Deon
"I put the S in romance" - Me

* Kayla waz at my house one night and it waz like 11 and we were just sitting there waiting for Tj to call .. Well we started to fall asleep and all of a sudden the phone rang and it waz him. Well I asked him where he waz (He waz driving) and he told me that he waz almost home. I said something about how Kayla waz there and he waz like "Oooh Kayla'z there?!" I waz like 'yeah' and he waz like "HI KAYLA!" extremely loud.  Well I wanted him to ask her theze fucked up senseless questionz so he got on the phone with her and started asking her theze questionz. Well she told him to hold on for a minute and at the same time, He said "Hold on, Im getting pulled over" but He'z so calm about everything, she waz like 'ok' not thinking anything about it until a couple secondz later and waz like "YOUR WHAT?! YOUR GETTING PULLED OVER?!" Lmao ... Well she gave me the phone for when he came back on and I waz like "You seriouzly fucking got pulled over?!" He goez "Well yeah, I got the red n blue n white n whatever other fucking colored lightz they flash and I got the sirenz n everything!" Then the cop came back so he goez "HOLD ON HOLD ON HOLD ON - The cop'z coming back!!" - It waz hilariouz cuz of how fast he said it and how you could hear the phone hit against the passenger side door after he threw it. Me n Kayla were sitting there saying "Hold on, I just got pulled over" really calmy and laughing our ass'z off and then he came back on and waz like "Itz not funny anymore"  He asked uz what we were laughing about so we said it again and he started laughing and goez "You guyz need to lay off the crack" Lmao :P Good Timez huh? :)

"Massive Make Out Session" -Tiffany.
* Getting drunk @ Nik'x house! *
"You dont gotta lie to be kool" -Kokely

"So.. You wanna fuck 'er what?! - I'll even fuck the fat oNe!" -Tommy

[ Quotez from NeW YeaRz 2 yearz ago! ]

*Willy Nik and David call kayla'z*
Kayla: Welcome to the whore house! How may I do you tonight? Would you like me to use my hand or my mouth?!
* Willy Nik and David start laughing *
Steph Wanger: Hard or slow?! Oral?!
Sam & Kayla: Back or Front?!
* Willy Nik and david start laughing like krazay *
Willy: Kayla get your damn dog offa me! He won't get off!
Kayla: WILLY! ITZ A GIRL! * as she hitz him across the head * lol
Sam: STEPH!! * steph'z sitting right next to her! *
Steph(Wanger): SAM!! *Sam'z sitting right next to her too*
Sam: That'z Bullshit!
Kayla: YA BITCH!
Steph(Wanger): Ya bizatch!
Sam: Who stole my ciggy'z?!
Kayla: Willis! Why'd you take my ciggy'z! Don't make me burn you again!
Kayla: Oooh Yeah! Uncle Dad'z comin home tonight! We get to eat tonight kidz!
Willy: I'm not really hungry
Kayla: Son! Ya better eat tonight. We won't be eatin for 2 monthz after Uncle Dad Leaves
"Do you need tape to tape on your tape?"


"If I had a million dollarz.. Id BURN IT!" -Kayla & the gang.
[The night we went to Kmart with everyone, thatz the only thing Kayla would say.]


New Yearz '04/'05! - Last Year -


Me & Deon

* Me- Am I cut-off?!

* Deon- Nope..even though you should be.. but Im just so nice like that..But your just so mean to me..

* Me-So Im not cut-off?!

* Deon- Why?

* Me- What?

* Deon-Whatd you do?

* Deon-Whatd you break?!

* Me- [Laugh hysterically] I didnt break nothing!
* Deon- You broke it! Look at that! You broke it! Kokely, she broke it!

[Everyone startz yelling at me saying how I "broke it"]


* Thiz waz repeated many timez throughout the night az well! *


Kayla, Kokely, & Deon

Kayla- Deon, your dad should date my mom!

Deon- He haz a gurlfriend

Kayla- And my mom haz a husband!



Me, Deon, Taylor, Kayla & Cody sitting at the table

* Someone spillz soda on the table so Cody startz licking it up *

Me- Cant you just ever be normal and like.. uze a paper towel to clean that up Cody?!

* Kayla grabz a paper towel *

Deon- Now see, thatz a waste of a perfectly good Bounty sheet.

Cody- Uze the whole roll.. My dad'z a logger!



Me, Taylor, Deon, and Steph standing in the kitchen

* I start pulling on the top on the Laundry cup thingy *

Taylor- Wing! It doeznt come out that way!

Me- Oh. [Start laughing with Deon] Well then you have to twist off thiz part!

* Steph Basso walkx in *

Steph- Wow, you retard! That doeznt come off!

* We all start laughing while Steph & Taylor try to figure it out *


* They get it open by PUSHING the top down & hand it back to me and I start pulling at it again *

Me- See! I told you guyz that I waz right!!

Deon- No sweetie.. I hate to be the one to tell you thiz, but you have to PUSH IT.. not PULL IT! & kinda whisperz "Jesus Christ"...

Lmao! Talk about a blonde moment huh?!


Marty, Taylor, Deon, Me, Steph Basso, & Nik

* Deon cut me off ONCE AGAIN but decided to come back and suck up *

* Marty & Taylor claimed I had a "shit eating grin" on my face & EVERYONE sayz that I only have that smile AFTER I get laid.. *

Marty- [Lookx at me funny & smilez] Wing..... Why do you have a shit eating grin on your face?!?!?!

Taylor- WING!!! Whatd you do?!?!

* I start laughing like fucking krazy and Deon walkx in the room *

Me- Omg!! Deon doeznt know about my "shit eating grin!!"

Marty- Ooooh!! Everytime thiz gurl getz laid, she getz the BIGGEST shit eating grin across her face! That iz the only time I ever see that smile go across her face! Look at that!

* Az Im about to fall on the floor from laughing so hard *

Me- That iz soo not true!

Marty- Ask ANYBODY that hangz out with thiz gurl! Right Steph & Nik?!

Steph & Nik- OH YEAH! That iz so true!

Lmao! Marty.. Your an asshole! Lol :P


Me, Taylor, Deon, Cody & Kayla sitting upstairz on Kayla'z bed

Kayla- See, Thiz iz Taylor.. My Make-out Patrol Partner!!

Taylor- [Startz laughing] Yeah, thoze were the good dayz..

Kayla- Yeah, we sucked though.. People would be havin sex n shit! We'd put shit in front of the door so when they walked out, theyd step on it!

Me- Yeah! Like thoze fucking mouse trapz me & Willy found outside the Michael Jackson House?!

* Everyone startz laughing *

Kayla- People would be makin out with the door clozed and we'd pound on the door and be like "Open up!" and we'd walk right in!



Me, Kayla, Taylor, Kokely, & Deon in Kayla'z bathroom

* Cody came after me & starting pushing me up against the wall and I leaned right back into Kayla'z towel hanger & it broke *

Cody- I SO did NOT do that!!

* We all start laughing *

Me- Cody pushed me!

Kayla- Alright kidz, just leave it & I'll have my daddy fix it when he comez home.

* Cody & Deon get it to just sit on the wall without moving *

* I didnt know thiz, so I went and set the towel back up there *

* Everyone startz screaming & the towel wrack comez down *

Lol! :)

` If you got anymore, let me know & I'll put 'em on here!! ` 

Nissa, Me, Sam, KC, & Kayla