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` High school haz been a trip for all of us. We've all had good timez & bad, but we all have 1 thing to be proud of. The friendz we've made. Some of us are gonna be going off to college, Some of us are gonna be going into the Military.. No matter where we go in life, we alwayz take a piece of eachother everywhere we go.. I won't forget any of you, because you haven't just touched my heart, but you've been someone who'z loved me for me, not judging by what you see.. But what you feel.

I love you more than anything.

- Danielle Wiemeri -
Well, I must say that we have a very unique friendship. We've been thru so much together, itz krazy that we even still talk everyday. Regardless of where we live, or what we're both doing, you will alwayz be a sister to me. I could never turn my back on you ; Thank you for everything you've ever done for me.. I won't ever forget you, no matter where you live. I love you with all my heart, and that won't ever change.
- Mike Lotzer -
Man oh man.. I never figured thiz out 'til recently, but you are the ONLY person that haz actually stuck with me thru absolutely everything ; the good & the bad. I've hurt you so bad theze past 2 yearz, but to you, it doeznt even matter.. I owe you the biggest thank you out of anyone, for everything that you've ever done for me. My life would never be the same if you left, for any reason. I love you with all my heart & soul, and that will not change. We've both made huge impactz in eachotherz livez.. // I love you so Much, Gimp. (L)
- Kelly Proctor -
Your one awesome gurl, that I wish I still talked to all the time.. We were best friendz for yearz. Granted, we were inseperable when we were little, 400 milez now layz between us. I know that we had an awesome friendship, and I won't ever forget that. Ever. I love you with all my heart, Kell.

- Taylor Anderson -
Holy shit.. I'd have to say that your like, my long lost sister maybe?! Lol, Even if you aren't that, you sure are one of my best friendz. We've had so many good timez together, itz insane. But I must say that we spend our time the best when we spend it at camp with all the boyz! (Hell yeah sister! Great timez!) I love you with all my heart though.. Know that if you weren't in my life, it wouldnt be the same. I heart you with everything I have! *

- Tiffany Schreiber -
Oh my goodness, Tiffany Lynn! I love you! I really do. We have such an awesome friendship for having NEVER met yet! Lol.. 4 hour long conversationz with you about everything iz a great way to spend some time. Getting to know you haz been an awesome experience, and I must say that when we finally do meet, we're gonna have so much fun together! I thank you & Amanda from the bottom of my heart for telling me everything about TJ. // I love you!
- Deon Corullo -
Your a pretty awesome kidd, I tell you what. We're alwayz able to have a good time together.. We've alwayz been able to talk about anything- I wont forget you, ever! :)
- Alex Sackmann -
We're an interesting set together, hey? Yeah, I'd have to say that your a good friend of mine. Regardless of if our relationship lasted or not, I still love you for all the good timez we've had. God knowz we've had some good onez! :)
- Logan Dahlbacka -
You kill me Logan, you really do. I love having you around the house.. We alwayz have a good time. I can't really say how we managed to become az cloze az we are, but either way, Im really glad that we did.
- Abby Davis -
Good memoriez with you, hey? Oh yeah.. Lotz of drinking comez to mind! ;) I love you hun.. Granted, we barely talk anymore, I wont ever forget the summer where we were best friendz. (L)
- Claire Edwards -
Aww, your sucha sweetie.. We have a good time in 6th hour. Like I alwayz say, your like my long lost sister! :) Lol, I love you though, your a lotta fun. (L)
- Jesi Vestich -
Great, GREAT memoriez with you. We met in an "awkward" way, but ever since, we've been cloze. Your like a sister to me.. I'll alwayz love you! You know that. (L) 
- Annissa "Elsa" Oja -
Ooh look! Itz totally my "9th grade Spanish buddy!" Haha - We've had some awesome timez together, but I must say.. Partying iz something we do best together! ;) I love ya hun!
- Kristine Senicka-
You are one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life, Kris. I love talking to you - You make everything seem better & see the best in thingz. Thank you for all the advice you gave me & for all the timez that we sat and talked about everything! I wont ever forget you babe!
- Sam Pertile -
Seriouzly Sam, you are one of my best friendz.. I wouldnt function right if you weren't in my life. Lol.. We know how to have a good time together (Especially in Alg with Tay&Roadtrip) - You remind me of a little sister! :) I love you hun. 
- Tyler Paynter -
Man oh man, your a character, I tell you what. Your a good guy though, I'll give you that much! :) Your good to Taylor, and that's all that matters. Don't chanGe! (L)
- Chad-Lee Bucknell -
Your sucha sweetheart, Omg! Lol :) I tell you that all the time, but it's true. :P We've become really close lately, and I'm so glad of that. Don't EVER change. Your awesome! (L)
- Drew Bastman -
Omg\ If it iznt Drew ~ Baby! Remember thoze nightz we uzed to sit at your dadz and just bullshit with Danielle?! Good timez hun! I love you! Good luck with college, too!
- Sarah Zani -
Well, concidering how we met, I must say that we did a pretty good job keeping in touch! I miss you, now that your off at college :( But I hope to see you soon! We'll drag the boyz out to camp again! Haha, I love you & good luck with college! (L)
- Tiffany Mullen -
Me & you became really good friendz really fast.. I love you though, Tiff! I miss you lotz. English just waznt the same without you messing around and not letting me do my work! I actually brought up my gradez when you left! :P
- Casey Paynter -
Aww, your sucha stupid head, but I love you! Im JUST KIDDING, Casey. God, FREAK OUT! Hah :) I really do love you though.. This last year, I think our friendship has come alot closer than it ever has, and Im so glad of that. I hope it never changes, We have alotta fun together :) (L)
- Dustin Anderson -
Omg Big D, I love you SOOO much. Your just thiz guy.. thatz so perverted & funny & loveable. Gosh, I love you! But really, thank you for everything you've done for me in the past couple monthz. I know that you really care, and that you'll be there if I really needed you. Your a great guy, and I wont ever forget you. I dont think I could if I tried! LoL.. [Oh- and I think you really should stop hitting on my mom! Lol]
- Sarah Usitalo -
Aww, your sucha sweetheart, Sar. I heart you! :)
- Brittany K. -
Omg, I love you to death, gurl. We have SOO much fun together! (Especially drinking on trails together ;)) Lol, Some of the stuff you come up with is SO random, but its alright. Maybe that's why we get a long so well! Hah.. Don't change hun. We gotta party more together, eh?! I love yoU! (L)
- Callie Siirila -
Your an awesome gurl Call! Ive become really good friendz with you over the yearz & Im really glad of that. Don't change hun!
- Jenn Bermeister -
I dont know how the hell we ended up becoming friendz, but aww.. Im so glad we did! Your sucha sweetheart! :) Your alwayz a lotta fun to hang out with! We'll have to drag Dave'z butt out cruizing soon eh?! ;) I love you!

- Adam Kennedy -
We've been through a lot bud! Haha, Your a pretty kool kid though.. After everything that happened in the summer, I'm glad that we're still friendz.. Mill. Ball waz a good time too! :) {And remember / 3 banger with Wanger!} Lol!
- Kyle "Kaka" Kangas -
Well.. your an awesome kid Kaka! Itz pretty funny how we can talk on the phone for hourz about the STUPIDEST shit ever and just laugh our ass'z off about it.. Your fun az hell though! Don't change.. Your a big sweetheart already! :) / Not to mention, the partiez we have at your house are awesome ;) \ - Can't wait for the one at your apartment!
- Kyle Vukovich -
Cutie Kyle!! We've had some good timez together! I love talking to you, just not in the morning ;) Im glad we stayed friendz through the yearz! Never change sweetheart (L)*
- Lesah Priante -
I owe you big for the smokex, hey? Ha, I love you hun - We've had a good friendship for like EVER! :) (L)
- Steff Orlich -
Well, for a few yearz there, we didnt talk much, but now itz like nothing ever changed.. I love you hun. Don't change.
- Heather Thiede -
Oh my fucking god, Do I have GREAT memoriez with you er what! Lmao.. Falling off your bed & shakin the whole house.. Dandylionz.. You were one of my best friendz for yearz.. We went our seperate wayz, but Im SO glad we're still such good friendz. I could go to you about anything and I love you so much for sticking by me when I needed you the most! You know that I will back you on anything.. I love you gurl!!
- Marty Passuello -
Well.. we've had quite an interesting past.. I think Drinking Buddiez iz where we should stand though ;) Your an overall great person & Im really glad we became friendz at Nik'x house that one day.. Ended getting drunk together a couple dayz later but hey! Whatta gonna do about it hey? Lol.. Dont change sweetz.. Your awesome!
- Alyson Comparin -
Your sucha whore Ac, God! Ha, Just kidding hunNy! :) You know I love you. We came up with some stupid-ass shit together, but hey, thatz alright! Im really glad that we've become good friendz - I love you! :)
- Dave Kindred -
Aww, I love you so much Dave! Our friendship haz been thru a lot in the past, and right now, Im happy with how thingz are. Mill. Ball waz freaking awesome too! Im really glad you asked me to go with you! :) You've alwayz been one of my good friendz.. I hope that never changez! (L) *
- Sadye Chiapuzio -
Aww, Im so glad we became friendz last year. I love you to death! :) We have some awesome talkx together- I love you hun! (L)
- Scott Eilken -
Wow, Our past iz kinda.. interesting? Haha, Yeah.. Your a kool guy. I really do love yoU! :) Granted, with us growing up together, we had some really good timez! - I love hanging out with yoU! (L) * (L)

- Willy Dabb -
Gosh, I dont even know where to start with you kid. We've been through everything. I love you though! Im glad that through everything though we're still friendz.. We might not talk that much anymore, but I won't ever forget the memoriez, or the thingz we went thru together. *
- Kara Roberts -
Fuck, Computerz woulda been SO boring without you last year! Lol, We had a good time in there though, I know that much. Im glad we've stayed friendz for az long az we have. (L)

- TJ Higgins -
Well, if I don't say so myself, your one person Ive had a very interesting past with. Right now, your in Iraq, and I think we talk more now than we ever did when we were going out. Lol, Your one of my best friendz though, and I hope that never changez. We have an awesome time talking to eachother.. I love you with all my heart, for everything you've ever shown me. (L) * I hope to god that you come home safe.
- Ben Zaleski -
Pep talkx ring a bell? Lol :) I miss you man, I really do. Me, You, Danielle, & Romo had some great timez together, I must say. Regardless of whatz happened in the last few yearz, we were good friendz back then. I won't ever forget that.
* If I forgot anyone.. Let me know & I'll put you on herre! :) *